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Jerry Smith is a local Hagerstown home inspector providing unbiased, accurate and thorough home inspections in Maryland, Pennsylvania and the West Virginia Panhandle. He realizes that the purchase of a home is probably the largest and most exciting investment you will ever make. It is difficult to remove any emotional attachment you may have for a home due to its location, style, setting, etc. A home inspection will help you learn as much as you can about the property you are considering in an effort to help you make a more informed decision as a buyer.

His philosophy is to inspect each home with the utmost care, to be thorough, and to explain his findings clearly to each client. Every home is inspected with the same care and diligence as if it were his investment at stake. Jerry is always thorough and he enjoys taking the time to inspect the property with the client, to answer questions, and to give advice about repairs. Jerry is a field-experienced inspector and follows national standards as well as those of the State of Maryland, Pennsylvania (ASHI) and West Virginia.

You are the most important person at the inspection. Jerry works for you; not the real estate agent. He will not downplay any of the defects found just because the agent wants to close the deal. That is why he provides a neutral fact-based verbal and electronic report; both presented in a non-alarming manner, allowing you to decide about the property for yourself.

When you need a home inspection, donít hesitate to contact Absolute Home Inspections LLC today to learn more about how Jerry Smith can help you.



I just want to thank you again for the wonderful inspection that you did on our property. I am so glad I chose to walk through it with you and I want to thank you for everything that you pointed out and all of the wonderful advice and maintenance tips you gave. I feel very secure in the purchase that we are about to make and I owe a lot of that to you. Thanks again for taking the time to answer all of my questions and for the flag and inspection/maintenance book. It was a pleasure working with you and you will be highly recommended.


Steve Wilcox


It was an absolute pleasure to have you perform our home inspection. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a house or just interested in learning more about the one they own. Your attention to detail and willingness to explain things made us feel very comfortable and we are confident that we are purchasing a home with no hidden issues. Thank you for the quick results and the flag. I will fly it with pride.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. Thank you, and all veterans, for giving years of your life to serve this country and preserve our freedoms. I appreciate this very much.

Many blessings in the future

Adam White

My husband and I were very happy with the services performed by Absolute Home Inspections. We felt that Jerry Smith was very thorough, bringing our attention to several items, which included missing caulking by the back door. He recommended that we caulk the door before a leak develops. After moving into the home, we had the floor replaced, at which time we discovered that it had already been leaking and the boards underneath were covered with mold. We would certainly recommend Absolute Home Inspections to others.

Serena Wood


Thank-you very much for the thorough job you did and taking the time to explain every thing you found. Your report reflects what we talked about and is easy to read and understand.

As a consumer you always feel a bit apprehensive when you have to pick someone to do an important job without any way to know what you will get. I feel extremely lucky that I happened on to your company and could not be more satisfied.

Thanks again,

Sam Ventura


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